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In today’s society, there are various types of alternative or organic medicines being used to treat different ailments. The treatments range from simple teas to manage anxiety to dietary changes as a help in managing epilepsy. One of these forms of alternative medicine is known as homeopathy and involves the administration of diluted doses of substances causing symptoms similar to the ones the patient is experiencing.

Developed in Germany in the late 1700s, homeopathy is a medical system based on the principle that like cures like (the law of similars). A substance that, when given in large doses, causes a certain set of symptoms is believed to cure the same symptoms when it is given in minute to nonexistent doses. The minute dose is thought to stimulate the body’s healing mechanisms.

Treatments are based on the patient’s unique characteristics, including personality and lifestyle, as well as symptoms and general health. Homeopathy aims to restore the flow of the body's energy; it is not based on principles of chemistry or physiology.

Remedies used in homeopathy are derived from naturally occurring substances, such as plant extracts and minerals. Extremely low concentrations are prepared in a specific way. The more dilute the homeopathic remedy, the stronger it is considered to be. Many solutions are so dilute that they contain no measurable molecules of the active ingredient. For example, 30C dilution is diluted 1 to 100 in 30 serial dilutions, resulting in a final dilution of 1 x 1060.

Homeopathic products are available over the counter or from a homeopathic provider.

Research into homeopathy has shown that the treatment may help to heal a person of their ailment and, in fact, help to manage a condition without chemical substances. Of course, this requires an individualized approach and the person needs to take all aspects of his or her life into account when considering homeopathy. To understand the symptoms, a patient must understand their lifestyle, emotional and mental state – if this is not identified during consultation with a homeopath, it is unlikely that the treatment will be sufficient.

While homeopathy involves the idea of an external force attacking a body and overcoming it, the core of treatment is positive thinking. By being aware of one’s emotional state, a patient will be able to determine the level of homeopathic treatment required. Homeopathy operates using the philosophy that positive thinking can be beneficial to all aspects of life, particularly when it comes to treatment of conditions. Below are some of the additional benefits of homeopathy.

1. Homeopathy can be used on children

2. Homeopathy can be used during pregnancy

3. Homeopathy does not interfere with medication being taken by an individual with a chronic condition

4. Homeopathy incorrect remedies are chosen, it is possible to safely alter or modify the treatment without harming the patient

5. Homeopathy can be used as a holistic approach involving all aspects of a person’s being

6. Homeopathy can be used for both acute and chronic conditions

7. The treatments are inexpensive and affordable

8. The treatments are easily accessible and readily available to all people

9. The treatments are non-invasive

10. The remedies can be stored for long periods


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