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BASE Allergy Test

BASE Allergy Test


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Food sensitivity (also known as delayed food allergy) is quite another story. Delayed reactions manifest in many different ways as they can affect any organ system in the body and can take from 45 minutes to several days for symptoms to become apparent. The delayed onset of symptoms and complex physiological mechanisms involved in food sensitivities make them an especially difficult puzzle to try to solve either on your own or with most laboratory serum tests. In fact, food sensitivities often go un-diagnosed or misdiagnosed.

Wondering if you may have an intolerance to certain foods?

Food intolerances can play a huge role in how our body functions and how we feel on a daily basis.

Many people come to us with symptoms such as skin problems, digestive issues, compromised immune systems and a range of other complaints not realising that these can be solved simply by changes to the diet.  

During our sessions at The Healing Room we are always checking for toxins or substances in the body that may be compromising its ability to function at its best. We use muscle testing or Applied Kinesiology - a gentle and non-invasive diagnostic tool - Although it may seem daunting to cut out certain foods or food groups from your family's diet, the benefits can be HUGE and can have a major impact on how you feel...and even how your kids behave!

But most importantly, it can have a major impact on the way your body functions at a deeper level. And this is really what counts if you want to live fully and beautifully until to a ripe old age :)

All of our bodies are unique - and some foods which are considered healthy and may be wonderful for some bodies, do not do well with others. Remember that it's not actually the food that's the's our own unique body's ability to process it.


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Our Qualified Team is Ready to Help You!

Our Qualified Team is Ready to Help You!

All of our employees are certified nutritional consultants and they aim to fulfill all your health needs.

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