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PVL 100% Pure MCT Oil 946ml

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MCTs or medium-chain triglycerides are extracted from coconut oil (plain coconut oil is 15% MCTs). High energy athletes need more fuel and PVL MCT Oil delivers! Also, if your diet demands energy while on a low carb diet, MCTs provide the fuel with zero carbs and helps preserve muscle tissue too.

True MCTs are the C-8 (caprylic) and C-10 (capric) triglycerides. PVL MCT Oil is made of 100% C-8 and C-10 triglycerides, which is over 6x more than regular coconut oil. PVL MCT Oil is the best source for pure MCTs.

6x more pure MCTs than coconut oil
Provides twice the energy of carbs per gram
Banned substance tested - Informed-Choice certified

100% pure MCTs supply quick energy like carbohydrates can, yet MCTs are not carbs! So when your diet demands more energy without adding more carbs, ignite your body with MCT Oil and go hard!

Suggested Use

1 tablespoon (15 mL) with food – may be used up to 3 times per day. First time: start with 1 teaspoon (5 mL) with food to assess your initial tolerance*. Not to be used for frying. Can be used in baking, add to shakes, drizzle onto salads or already-cooked meals.


At times for some people, yes. A good MCT Oil is a pure source of the C8 and C10 fats, whereas normal coconut oil is only about 16% C8 and C10 fats (the medium chain fats). For many first-time users of MCT oil, it is the first time the stomach has taken on such a pure source of these MCTs and as such, it can take a while for some people’s stomach to get used to MCT oil. We recognize this as our labels state “To assess individual tolerance, start with 1/3 serving (1 teaspoon/5ml) with food”. Start there – try in small amounts WITH FOOD, and assess how your body responds. Then escalate the usage to a point where you are comfortable.

If you also do an online search on this subject, you will see many reputable brands of MCT discuss this topic too. Not everybody’s stomach can tolerate every food, and MCT Oil is no different. Our label also states “Some people may experience gastrointestinal upset.” That can range from just a small discomfort, or all the way to difficult bowel movements.

In general: start small (eg: 5 ml) of MCT oil; use WITH food. Incidentally, that is also how we use it in some of our protein powders – at a low usage level per scoop - and most of those consumers of those powders, have not reported any MCT oil discomfort at all. Not everybody’s stomach can handle 1-3 tablespoons of pure MCT Oil on its own, daily, right on day 1. We all respond to different foods and food ingredients each in our own unique way. Hope this info helps you on your MCT oil journey.

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