About Osteopathy

Osteopathy is an American Science founded by Andrew Taylor Still.  It is a drugless, manual form of healing with follows a set of principles and emphasizes the iterrelationshiop between structure and function of the body.  

 Tanya Martin, Osteopathic Manual Practitioner, M OMSc

Tanya Martin, Osteopathic Manual Practitioner, M OMSc

About Tanya

Trained as a Classical Osteopath, Tanya has the ability to generate a dynamic customized treatment for the individual patient in the individual moment.  Every patient is different -- with that being said; even the same patient is different every time they are treated.  The treatment must fit the patient, not the other way around.

Tanya has 12 years experience with functional movements of the body as a former Personal Trainer and as a Rehabilitation Trainer.  Combining those skills with her education as an Osteopath, she notices how a body compensates or doesn't compensate well with everyday life.  Your body makes thousands of compensations while sitting, standing, or lying down without conscience knowledge and sometimes congestion around joints is created. Not until it needs to "let go" of a compensation do we then feel pain.  Tanya's purpose is to clear congestion in the body made by those compensations so the body is able to function properly.  

Treatment can be provided for newborns up to any age.  It can be useful for aliments such as (but not limited to) colds, flu, fever, for joints and muscles, and even digestion and elimination problems.  


Initial Appointment/Treatment (up to 60 min)                 $90

Subsequent Adult (13 years+) Treatments (up to 20min)  $70

Subsequent Child Treatments (3-12 years old)                   $40

Infants/Toddlers (under 3 years old)                                   No Charge

To book your appointment online - http://tanyaosteo.janeapp.com or email tanyamar@gmail.com


*Note: Due to high demand, Tanya is not accepting new clients at this time.  If you would like to be placed on a waiting list, please call Bluewater Nutrition 519-336-5258.