Nutritional Consultation & Ayurvedic Medicine

 Manjiri Nadkarni, MD(Ayu), RHN, CBAC

Manjiri Nadkarni, MD(Ayu), RHN, CBAC


“Health is not only the absence of disease but the optimally nourished state of body, mind and soul.”

Paying a visit to me is different from seeing other health-care professionals.  My goal is to empower you to take responsibility of your own health by educating, guiding and encouraging you to make the right choices to meet your health goals.  

Our first appointment will start off with an in-depth assessment of your current health status based on your current complaints, diet and lifestyle assessment questionnaire. I will then work to identify and correct your diet and lifestyle by designing a personalized diet and lifestyle program complete with specific recommendations, supplementation and relaxation techniques to help you feel your best. 

An Ayurvedic consultation starts with the analysis of your Body Constitution to determine your unique Dosha Type (the three Doshas are the three main principles that govern the mind and the body). A pulse examination is then carried out along with a comprehensive assessment of your present condition, diet and lifestyle. On basis of this information, I will then make suggestions to make changes in your diet and lifestyle based on the principles of Ayurveda to bring you back to the state of balance and harmony.

Fees (all subject to HST):

Nutritional Consultation

Initial Consultation (up to 60 mins)                              *$120

Follow up (30min)                                                             *$70

Pediatric Consultation (12 yrs and under)                    *$80

Follow up (30min)                                                             *$60


Ayurvedic Consultation

Initial consultation (60 mins)                                         *$150

Follow up (30 mins)                                                          *$70

Allergy Elimination

Initial consultation (up to 90 mins )                             *$150

Allergy testing /Desensitization                                    *$70

First Line Therapy  (6 visits)                                                *400 ($600 value)

Initial consult (60 min) + 5 follow up (30 min) +2 BIA + meal plan

Recommended for chronic conditions like obesity, diabetes, hormonal issues, high blood pressure and high cholesterol                                                 

Digestive rebalance program (4 visits)                       *$300 ($450 value)

Initial Allergy consult (90 min) + 3 follow ups (30 min) + meal plan

 Recommended for food allergies like gluten, diary etc and digestive disorders like Crohn’s, diverticulitis, colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, Candida overgrowth                                                                

Live Blood Microscopy + Nutritional Consultation (90 min)    *$149

Body Fat Reading or BIA Special (Buy 4 get 1 free)                   *$100

Bioimpedance Analysis Testing helps determine your body fat, body muscles mass, hydration status and overall health

Hair Analysis Testing (for heavy metals)                             *$140

BIA (Bioimpedance Testing - 15min)                                    *25

Urine Testing (for adrenal health)                                         *$15

Please fill out this Adult or Child intake form as well as this consent form and bring them to your appointment.  Alternatively, you can come 15 minutes early and we can provide you with the forms for you to fill out.